Selected Transcriptions of Visual Work:

From Peacocking 4 You (Up & Down The Avenue), 2018:

you could peacock up and down the avenue

Because the co-star astrology app told you today

Is THE day to get noticed—it’s the middle of June

And you could pass a dead bird on the sidewalk

and know it’s not your responsibility to save it

But you could and probably would still feel like it is

and you could crawl into your Hyundai Elantra at 9:07am

to sit there determinedly sweating and squinting

And you could think to yourself “I am going to make

Some Cornbread and remember who I am

And you could listen to songs about god and being on fire

And you could donate the clothes you bought at the

thrift store 6 months ago right back to the thrift store

And you could fuck up your whole life for an afternoon

Just for the mental clarity to decide what day it is

You could do all of that and it would be

Just another great Monday in paradise baby

From Headlines,  2018

yesterday i read this headline that said “the earth could get flung into a black hole” or something like that and how time would stop or distort (we’d also die) so now I’m just thinking about what it would be like to pause forever i think i might actually need that i think i need a break but then 16 hours later i read another headline that male sperm counts were dropping at a rate of around 50% per generation because of phthalates and BPA and estrogen in everything and everybody’s penises are getting smaller so we could all go extinct before a black hole sucks us in (like i suck in my belly when i see someone cute) or before climate change does us in and i would say that i feel dread but actually I’m just thinking now that if tiny penises end the world i wouldn’t complain and that would feel like enough of a break but either way i gave up complaining and i don’t freak out about these things because life is long and the sun is shining and i have a new membership to the botanic gardens that doesn’t expire for an entire year plus 30 days

From ‘The Day I Signed Dad Up For Medicare Part-D I Walked A Mile To See Beetlejuice’ , 2018

It’d be just as silly to pretend you wouldn’t walk three more miles just to see a house so beautiful as the one at the top of that hill.

From Positivity Streak!, 2018

yeah, no, sorry it’s just

that I’m on a positivity

streak oh! you know the

type? yeah, i’m like a really

bright person now I’m

like learning to take

it as it comes or like

even whats that

saying that people

say? oh yeah i’m

like take it

easy now


From Conversations with God, 2017:

Oh hey dude can I talk to you for a second about something it’s just that those stocks fell through & you of all people know how rough it can get out here & the investors won’t budge The client is getting nervous and truth be told, man, so am I, so I guess what I’m saying is the price point is very low and I know you have an expendable income, so what I’m saying is the price point is right & I need your help reviving the good faith of the client Do you think you could do that, my man? I am worried about the Big Man Upstairs (my boss) I think he’ll fire me if you (the Big Man Upstairs) don’t help me out, boss. It’s not even a big deal in the grand scheme of things (and you know plenty about that my man). So if you’re willing to invest you know how to reach me.

From Conversations with God, 2017:

Hey is this thing on? Jesus? Are you there? I haven’t done this in a while I was just um in the neighborhood and I wanted to talk to you about something Wait does Jesus even answer our prayers or does someone like maybe a saint do it like does Jesus have an assistant or secretary that sort of neatly packages up all of the prayers and then reads them to him at the end of the night while he’s taking a bath and sipping on some white wine and then the daily prayers are read aloud and Jesus does some kind of like really Sexy Finger Twirl and decides which ones get to be heard & his response gets types out & sent to the USPS to be mailed to you for One Dollar & Ninety Three Cents so you wait & wait & wait & oh! Oh boy! There is is Jesus loves you this you know because the letter from him is right there and Jesus would never ghost you

From Conversations with God, 2017:

Big black dog hanging from the mobile in front of my face, are you god? Where is my mom? Is anyone here I have to shit there is shit all over my ass Am I supposed to be laying on my back like this? I can see the red bear on the table over there and I am swallowed by experiencing anguish over nothing at all Being a baby is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do please help me God I am calling out to you with each and every cry I wail out I wish I could eat something crunchy I wish I had teeth I wish I could do anything other than complain but it’s hard to rejoice when you’re a baby